tisdag 18 december 2012

The Force

Yeah, finally you might think – the Force, in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG (Beta). this has got to be good. And it is, but maybe not as much as some people would like to.

You all know about the Force, penetrating everything, everywhere – but not that many characters in the Outer Rim, or at least not as much. After reading this chapter it's evident that you don't get to be a jedi in the Edge of Empire – but who expected that?

About the rules then. The Force introduces another type of die - the Force die (duh), and a new talent tree – Force-sensitive exile talent tree. anybody can by this tree from start and starts with a Force rating of 1 (jedi initiate) and by spending approximately 100 experience points (xp) over time you can get a Force rating of 2 (padawan). It doesn't seem to be possible to get a higher Force rating in Edge of the Empire. Just so you know, the maximum Force rating is 7 and that's basically Darth Vader and Yoda level.

There are three ways to use the Force, Sense, Influence and Move and you can all guess what you can do with them. to get better you have to spend additional xp on the three different Force Power trees (see grainy pic).

The Force rules seem appropriate and easy to learn if you just read through them a few times. I like them. The fact that you can use the dark side, the penalty being that you have to flip an destiny point from the light to the dark side or suffer strain. There are also suggestions that the players should let his character behave or let the dark side emotions: anger, fear and hatred present themselves.

All in all it seems prohibitively xp-ensive to be a Force user in Edge of the Empire but stuff you can do are very cinematic (meaning: stuff out of the movies).

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