onsdag 19 september 2012

Wall of text Wars

I recently acquired the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta. It's taken me a while to read it (and actually read any part of it). Anyway.

My first impression of the new Star Wars Beta RPG was it's marvelous smell, fresh of the printers. The next impression was the massive amount of text - Wall of text, as a fellow nerd, succinctly put it.

I know that it is a beta version but my first impression didn't alter after I read the first chapter, with the game mechanics. My friend's prediction is that I won't get thru the whole book - which isn't a bad bet. I'll try - and we will see what happens.

The first chapter describes the game mechanics and is rather tedious to read. The mechanics are similar to Warhammer FRPG 3.rd edition, with custom dice, that you add together depending on abilities, skills, the difficulty (two different kinds), and the situation (positive and negative). There are of course also Force dice and two 10-sided dice.

The basic dice pool consists of two to four different kinds, and you read the in a similar way as in WHFR3. 

Other key elements are the Talents, Destiny points (read: Fate points) and Obligations, and this is the more interesting part. The amount of Destiny points wary from session to session depending on the roll of the Force dice, which I like and Obligation ads motivations and also mechanical features to the game when it comes in effect.

I feel that the whole first chapter needs a lot of graphic descriptions of dice pools and less text, because it's actually too boring to read. And I suspect that somebody native to English might explain it with less words - but i don't know for sure. The newly announced Beginner box might help - I'll probably get it, for this reason alone.

The next chapter - Character generation - looks more interesting. If you can't wait, read ahead on Fire broadside. 

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  1. Hehe! Pressa lite nu!

    Det verkar iofs lite som att man kan hoppa till de kapitel som verkar skilja sig från WFRP3 och nästan strunta i de andra. Nästan. :)

    Nyfiken på karaktärsskapande, Destiny Points och hur kraften spelar in.

    1. Abso - ska försöka få lite tempo.